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About Us

HighKey Technology Inc. also know as HighKey or HighKey Co. is incorporated in Canada. 

Social Media Presence

We pride ourselves with the community and loyal fan base we have built, across all the social media platforms. We specifically dedicate most of our time on Instagram (@highkeyco) and Snapchat (

On Instagram we make comedic skits, revolving around key experiences and problems we encountered throughout our lives.

On Snapchat we show the day to day living and activities of us, while we run our company and film content for our other social media's.

Our Shipment Strategy

We have a total of four warehouses around the world to make shipping the most efficient for us and the customer. We have one warehouse in central Canada, one in China and one, on the east and west coast of the United States. This type of shipping strategy makes sure that every customer does not receive customs charges upon delivery and has fast delivery!

Our 5 Point Guarantee

  1. 14 day money back guarantee
  2. A tracking number for every order
  3. Safe payments via credit card or PayPal
  4. Real customer service representatives on our LiveChat and email.
  5. No customs charges on delivery 

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